Vermiculite Regulation Changes in New York State

RJ Lee Group Method LAB.055.1

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Vermiculite is a low-density, lightweight material commonly used in construction coatings and building insulation. The primary source for vermiculite prior to 1990 was a mine located in Montana, later discovered to contain deposits of naturally-occurring asbestos. Following World War II, heavy use of vermiculite in construction products resulted in millions of homes and commercial buildings built with suspected asbestos-containing material, or ACM. 

Accurate Asbestos Results

RJ Lee Group has developed LAB.055.1*, an analytical method that successfully dissolves vermiculite interference and provides accurate and reliable asbestos results. After critical examination by New York State, LAB.055.1 was found to be superior to currently regulated methods for samples with known asbestos concentrations between 0.02% and 5%. To view the Certificate of Approval for Laboratory Service from New York State, please click here.

According to New York State's updated guidance, methods 198.1 and 198.6 will no longer be viable after October 31, 2014. Newly accepted methods must be implemented for identifying and quantifying asbestos in SOF-V for buildings that fall under the NYS Industrial Code Rule 56.

If your renovation or demolition project involves SOF-V, you will be required to conduct additional testing for asbestos.

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*LAB.055.1 - Patent Pending 13/918,071