A Data Content Management "Platform"

  • Handles ingestion of structured and unstructured data regardless of form
  • Provides enhanced discovery of content
  • Showcases concepts and linking of data not normally detectable via human efforts
  • Built-in analytics engine provides means to easily incorporate machine learning and user algorithms
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Key Elements of SEAMS

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Data Lake

  • Raw Data Storage
  • Store-Index-Retrieve
  • Tag-Classify-Annotate
  • Import and Export           

Graph Storage

  • Structured Storage
  • Flexible and Extensible
  • Multiple Schemas
  • Entity and Relationships

Data Pipelines

  • Computational Framework
  • Extract-Transform-Load
  • Extendable Data Processing

Data Exploration

  • Find and Retrieve Data
  • Schema Agnostic
  • Your Data Models
  • Explore Data Relationships

The SEAMS platform provides a secure foundation to systematically prepare and extract knowledge from your data in support of existing and new analytics.

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Need More Info?

Please feel free to reach out to RJ Lee Group for more information, or to see a quick demo. 

At RJ Lee Group, we're a laboratory too, and we use SEAMS big data platform appliance in our data collection.