Your Solution for Big Data

Modern technology presents advancements and improvements that tip the manufacturing scales, offering predictive capabilities for the early discovery of system performance deficiencies, assessment requirements, and lowering cost. Companies are finding a growing need to collect the data generated by this technology more efficiently, and use it more effectively. The processes must integrate with existing systems, and intelligent analytics applied to generate, capture, and organize industrial manufacturing and performance data. 


What is SEAMS?


SEAMS is a Big Data platform that provides a complete toolset for the collection, indexing, searching, analysis, linking and syndication of multimedia engineering and scientific data. It is an enterprise informational map that syndicates data across technology borders so it can be used more efficiently, more intuitively and more effectively.

How Does SEAMS Do It?

resource synd. icon

Resource Syndication


icon-Optical and data

Graphics to Chart, Summarize and Link Information

extract data icon

Extraction of Key Data Properties

smart search icon-1

Smart Search

data link icon

Collection/Linking of Data to Remote Systems


Security Control for Individual Data Resources


Need More Info?

Please feel free to reach out to RJ Lee Group for more information, or to see a quick demo. 

At RJ Lee Group, we're a laboratory too, and we use SEAMS big data platform appliance in our data collection.