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Matthew Perricone, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator & Technical Consulting Group Manager

Dr. Matthew Perricone is a Principal Investigator and the Technical Consulting Group Manager at RJ Lee Group, Inc., where he directs and performs root cause failure analyses for multiple industrial sectors in support of product development, performance optimization, and manufacturing quality assurance. His projects also include addressing warranty, insurance and product liability claims. Dr. Perricone has been accepted as an expert in Corrosion and Materials Science in U.S. District Court in multiple districts and has testified in a variety of cases including the multi-district litigation surrounding imported Chinese-manufactured drywall, assessment of corrosive impact of chemical processing to building structures, and determination of compositional consistency of lead-containing paint with historic manufacturer formulations. He has led extensive investigations of concrete and its durability in industries ranging from transportation to nuclear energy generation.

Dr. Perricone has conducted numerous studies of corrosion performance of materials including accelerated life testing in simulated service environments and has done extensive work on alloy development for U.S. naval applications. He has published in peer-reviewed literature and serves as a peer reviewer for multiple materials science journals including Metallurgical and Materials Transactions. In 2018, the Materials Technology Institute published Dr. Perricone’s book, “Atlas of Microstructures for Alloy C-276 and Similar Casting Alloys” which was peer reviewed by a committee of industry representatives that manufacture and use these alloys and distributed to their members as a reference. He has held a variety of leadership roles at ASM International during his decades of membership and is currently serving as chair of the ASM Membership Committee.

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