Intelligent Scanning Electron Microscope Analysis

The IntelliSEM represents a significant advancement in the automated identification and analysis of particles, such as inclusions and environmental particulate.

The IntelliSEM characterizes large populations of particles accurately, automatically, and rapidly. The IntelliSEM software suite applies high-performance instrument-control and data analysis algorithms to scanning electron microscope (SEM) and energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) systems, and provides a rich set of tools for data visualization, mining, and management.


IntelliSEM Advantages

7976 - Data Mining

Data Management

IntelliSEM uses MSSQL databases to retrieve system parameters and store acquired data, keeping all data in a single location.
8012 - User Predictions


IntelliSEM's Workbench allows multiple users to simultaneously review the data stored in the central database. This allows for a team to work collaboratively and gain new insights.

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Multi-resolution imaging allows for analyses to use different magnifications for particle feature detection and measurement. This allows the analysis to search for particles at lower magnifications then increase magnification to measure and acquire elemental information.
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Analytical protocols are stored in the database and can be shared among users. The one-button approach further improves reproducibility.
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IntelliSEM's Workbench provides a customizable interface for data visualization and data analysis; user specific visualization tools can be developed to make the review process more efficient.


IntelliSEM's central database allows for access to the data from multiple locations; users can review and summarize data from the office, remote workplace, or anywhere in the world.

Consulting Services Available


RJ Lee Group's experts also offer consulting services involving particle analysis utilizing the IntelliSEM technology.

At RJ Lee Group we believe each relationship is unique. Our diverse technology portfolio and in-house experts allow us to support your needs in sample preparation, data acquisition, and data interpretation. We consult with clients in the steel industry, additive manufacturing, environmental, pharmaceuticals and biomedical fields with particle analysis. Let us know how we can help you.



Within the IntelliSEM software, the Prospector function collects data and the Workbench allows for data review and reporting.

Prospector is the online analysis module. It takes full control of the SEM/EDS instrumentation and uses intelligent algorithms to rapidly scan large sample areas, while providing fine-grained measurements of each particle detected.

biotite graph

IntelliSEM analysis can be observed during the automated particle analysis process. The SEM field image illustrates the particle size measurement on a PM10 sample with perimeter overlays; and the particle micro-images and X-ray spectra are presented.


Once Analysis is complete, the
Workbench provides a user-friendly
interface to allow the analyst to review
the results and compile summaries.
Summarization protocols can utilize
predefined rules, visual review, or
clustering algorithms to combine
similar features into unique classes.
It can also integrate other sample
information and characterize results to
provide a complete review and report.

Analysis PM10 Sample-1

The IntelliSEM Workbench module provides flexibility for data review, particle classification, and reporting. Particle relocation and customized X-ray spectra processing are among the many functions also available in the Workbench.

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Webinar OnDemand

Recent Advances in Automated Scanning Electron Microscopy (CCSEM) and its Application to Study Steel Inclusion Content

Feel free to watch a 2021 webinar with TESCAN, U.S. Steel Research, and RJ Lee Group. This webinar will showcase use cases from U.S. Steel on how automated SEM workflows are evolving to improve control over production and new material development.


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