Drive-Up COVID-19 Testing - NO COST!:  
Open to the Public. Convenient Access for East Pittsburgh Townships and Westmoreland Co.

Need Fast RT-PCR COVID-19 Testing, with Next-Day Results?

RJ Lee Group, partnering with SteelFusion Laboratories, is offering appointments for drive-up testing for COVID-19. Anyone is eligible, the drive-up collection site is located in east Pittsburgh (Monroeville/Murrysville area). If you make an appointment with our form below, we will do our best to accommodate your preferred testing time. You can also just drive-up without an appointment and you may be complete within moments if there is little traffic at the time. This drive-up collection site is no cost, just bring your medical insurance card. If you do not have insurance, it may still be no cost because of the CARES Act*.

*No Cost is only for U.S. citizens, or non-U.S. citizens with U.S. based medical insurance. See FAQ #1 for full payment details.

Make an Appointment for Speedier Service!


Hours of Operation

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, February 23-25.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, March 2-4.
9am to 3:30pm Eastern
Feel free to drive up, even if you do not have an appointment.

Are there any restrictions on insurance carriers?

We can accept any medical insurance carrier, please bring your medical insurance card if you have one. If you do not have insurance, you may still receive no cost testing via the CARES Act, but you will have to provide your Social Security Number. 

If you do not have medical insurance and also do not wish to provide a SSN, we can still test you, but you will have to pay a $175 lab fee on a credit, debit, or health spending account card. 


How long will it take to get tested?
If you are on time for your appointment, you will be in and out in minutes. 
How do I set an appointment for my COVID-19 test?

Fill out the form at the bottom of this web page. Choose the 15-minute time slot that best works for you. You will receive an email with an appointment confirmation and a testing time. We will do our best to get you the best available time for your schedule.

Setting up an appointment on this form will put you at the head of the line, but you can also be tested without an appointment. If there is a short line, you still may be in and out in minutes.

Can I be tested for COVID-19 if I don't have an appointment?
Yes, but it could take a little longer if there are cars in line. You still could be in and out in a few moments if it is a slow traffic time.
What happens after I sign up?
You will receive an email from RJ Lee Group confirming your appointment time and location of the collection site. 

When you arrive at our sample collection location, we will take your insurance information, or you can fill in this information yourself via mobile device when you arrive, to minimize contact. If possible please arrive a few minutes early so as not to delay the collection of your sample.

If you do not have U.S. based medical insurance, see FAQ #1 for details.
Why do you obtain COVID-19 results faster than a normal lab?

We have created testing capacity for RT-PCR that allows us to get you results with next-day turnaround.

What should I bring with me?
Your drivers license (or state issued photo ID) will have most of the information we will need. Bring your medical insurance card if applicable. 
What is the test like?
The RT-PCR COVID-19 test uses a  nasal swab. You will not have to exit your vehicle.
What if I need COVID-19 PCR Results SAME DAY?

If you need same day results, we can accommodate that, but it is $250 lab charge paid by credit/debit card. (You can then submit this claim to your medical insurance company, if desired) 

You also have to go to SteelFusion Laboratories to take the sample, we do not do same-day PCR sample collection at our regular site. SteelFusion Laboratories location is:
1103 Donner Ave
Monessen, PA 15062

Also, you need to be at SteelFusion Laboratories before NOON eastern time for same-day testing results. 


Where is the drive-up collection site located?

In front of the future corporate home of RJ Lee Group in east Pittsburgh metro.
800 Presque Isle Drive

Pittsburgh, PA 15239 (Plum Boro area)

Driving north on 286 from Monroeville/Murrysville, go left (west) on Presque Isle Road when you see a King's Buffet. The drive-up collection site is on the left. You will see a sign. 

What is RJ Lee Group?

RJ Lee Group is an industrial forensics analytical laboratory and scientific consulting firm located in the Greater Pittsburgh area (Monroeville, PA)

We recently formed a partnership with SteelFusion Laboratory and are able to test for COVID-19. 


SteelFusion Laboratory 

SteelFusion Clinical Toxicology Laboratory LLC is a high-complexity laboratory, and its staff collect all samples.

SteelFusion Clinical Toxicology Laboratory is a woman-owned business based in Monessen, PA that offers rapid clinical, forensic, veterinary toxicology, and COVID-19 testing services. They specialize in oral fluid and urine for the detection and quantification of illicit and prescription drugs.