Scaling and Corrosion in the Oil & Gas Industry

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Scaling and Corrosion in the Oil & Gas Industry

Our first event was a huge success, and we would like to thank our speakers and attendees joining us for the first installment of our Oil & Gas Industry speaker series. 

PDF versions and videos of each presentations are available below. 


Presentation Abstracts

Fundamentals of Scale Formation - Steve Strba (Steve Strba Consulting Inc.)

This presentation presented the primary factors and conditions that lead to inorganic scale formation in oil & gas operations. Descriptions of the various types of scale inhibitor chemistries currently available, their mechanisms of activity, and considerations for their use in specific applications will be discussed. Assessing inhibitor performance were also reviewed. To download the presentation, please click here.



If You Can't Measure It, You Can't Control It - Vince Conrad (RJ Lee Group, Inc.)     

Selection of analytical techniques to characterize scale should be based on the specific information required for each project.  This presentation emphasized the types of information that can be obtained from analytical techniques used for scale characterization as well as advantages and limitations.  Attendees learned to select the analytical techniques that are most appropriate for their specific objectives.  The importance of correct sampling procedures was also discussed. To download the presentation, please click here.



Electrolyte Simulation to Address Scaling and Corrosion - Pat McKenzie (OLI Systems)

This presentation focused on state-of-the-art simulation techniques to study the behavior of scaling and corrosion in oil and gas production. Simulation can use electrolyte thermodynamics to identify potential scaling problems and also to understand the effect of potentially corrosive agents in a variety of production scenarios. Challenges brought to modeling scale in shale production are somewhat different than conventional wells; there is less forecasting, and the scales of interest may differ from conventional oilfield scales. To download the presentation, please click here.



Managing Corrosion - Steve Strba (Steve Strba Consulting Inc.)    

As most oilfield corrosion applications deal with the effects of H2S and CO2, this presentation highlighted corrosion issues related primarily to the effects of elevated TDS levels and dissolved oxygen in oilfield systems such as production tubulars and pipelines. Methods and suggested chemistries to control the effects of these conditions were examined and discussed. To download the presentation, please click here.       



Evaluation of Corrosion Products and Methods of Characterization - Keith Wagner (RJ Lee Group, Inc.)

Corrosion can be an expensive aspect to many operations in the energy sector, as it causes production interruptions and can lead to environmental exposures with far reaching ramifications.  This segment of the discussion addressed the importance of understanding the mechanisms of corrosion and identifying the type of corrosion active in a given situation.  An introduction to some of the analytical techniques available to characterize and classify corrosion processes in materials were presented. To download the presentation, please click here(Video coming soon)



Use of Biocides to Mitigate MIC in Oil & Gas Applications - George Ganzer & Jeff Kramer (BWA Water Additives)

Microbially Influenced Corrosion (MIC) is a particularly harmful and aggressive form of corrosion that far surpasses the typical aqueous corrosion often observed in both conventional and unconventional oilfield applications.  This presentation described the MIC mechanism and surveyed various commonly used biocides used in the industry to control the microorganisms that contribute to MIC.  A specific field case history was highlighted that addressed the effectiveness of a biocide treatment program in mitigating MIC. To download the presentation, please click here. **This video is under



Attacking the Pervasive Corrosion Problem in the Oil & Gas Industry - Joe Barone (Tesla Nanocoatings)

Corrosion has always been a pervasive problem in the oil and gas industry.   While corrosion protection coatings have attacked the problem, there remains a high degree of dissatisfaction with the current technology.  Attendees learned about the new technologies that are extending the life material and equipment in upstream, midstream and downstream. To download the presentation, please click here.



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