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Worksite & COVID-19: Innovative Near Real-Time Mobile Testing Solution

Extraordinary steps have been taken this year to address the unprecedented impacts from COVID-19 (coronavirus). As countries start to reopen and return to normal, health experts emphasize the need for employers to update their safety and health programs. This involves various types of testing in order to protect their workforce and the public health as a whole. 

Our webinar will examine various technologies used for identifying the COVID-19 virus and review the various testing alternatives, including how to best use data from each of these tests to verify your facility is safe. We will discuss pros and cons of:

  • Diagnostic PCR-Based Tests
  • The Antigen Test 
  • The Antibody Test 
  • How business executives, plant supervisors, HR professionals, and health and safety professionals can utilize this data

Finally, we will briefly cover surface sampling studies from leading health organizations (worksite door handles, elevators, counter tops, chairs, computers, etc.), as well as a review of new research on air sampling procedures.

Our experts will provide examples from the food and beverage processing, travel and tourism, and manufacturing industries to highlight the special challenges health, safety and medical professionals face as their employees return to work and get their operations back to “normal.” Finally, we will discuss our own mobile laboratory and it’s capabilities for onsite testing.

Wednesday, June 24th

2:00 pm est - 2:45 pm est

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Who Should View This Webinar?

Health, safety, and industrial hygiene leaders. Operational and strategic executives at large-scale manufacturing or food processing plants, refineries, office complexes, travel and tourism, universities, and government sites. This Webinar may be appropriate for HR leaders, plant supervisors, and labor and supply-chain leaders.

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Your Worksite (or Campus) & COVID-19: An Innovative Mobile Testing Solution

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About Our Presenters

Dr. Harry Behzadi is currently the Vice President of Emerging Technologies for RJ Lee Group, and has worked in Business Development for SGS‐EHS North America. Dr. Behzadi was the Vice President of Operations for TestAmerica Inc. in the Eastern and Western regions.  In a prior role, he was the VP of Operations and Corporate Technical Director at Accutest Laboratories, Inc. Dr. Behzadi spearheaded growth and expansion at Accutest Corporation in the Southeast and beyond to the West Coast. He started the Southeast division in 1995 and grew the staff from a few employees to 90+ employees, which became one of the largest environmental laboratories in the South.





Paul Ioannidis is the Laboratory Director for Columbia Basin Analytical Laboratories (CBAL), the Pasco, Wa. division of RJLG. Paul has over 30 years of experience in Laboratory Operations, Business Development and Customer Relations Management. He has helped create the Client Relationship Management Program within the RJ Lee Group, as well as working with the company’s management in creating and executing its Strategic Planning and growth program and formulating strategic partnerships. He works to bring the company’s technologies and services to both the domestic and international markets. Paul holds advanced degrees in Environmental Sciences and International Relations.





Antonios Tasoglou, Ph.D., is a Senior Scientist and PTR-MS Specialist at RJ Lee Group. Prior to his work he participated in numerous projects that focused on the study of the atmospheric pollution both in the gas and particle phase. During his Diploma work he joined the FORTH ICE-HT (Patras, Greece) as a research assistant. His research work included extensive air quality measurements as part of the European Research Council ATMOPACS project, which led to the identification of the main sources of air pollution in the city of Patras.

Need An Onsite Laboratory To Pre-Check Employees For COVID-19?

Getting employees safely back to work requires accuracy and speed through on-demand testing. Current testing provided through traditional healthcare providers takes days to receive results, and only people with symptoms can be tested. Managing safety resquires innovative solutions to be brought to the workplace.

RJ Lee Group has taken a different approach to COVID-19 testing, instead of waiting and spreading infection, our approach brings the testing laboratory to the workplace, where testing can be provided on-demand, regardless of symptoms. 

Our mobile testing solution integrates sample analysis, tracking, and reporting to deliver fast and accurate results before employees enter the worksite. 

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