COVID-19 Mobile Testing Laboratory
Dedicated, Fast, and Effective COVID-19 Testing is Critical to Ensuring Workplace Safety

Getting employees safely back to work requires accuracy and speed through on-demand testing. Current testing provided through traditional healthcare providers takes days to receive results, and only people with symptoms can be tested. Managing safety requires innovative solutions to be brought to the workplace.

RJ Lee Group has taken a different approach to COVID-19 testing. Instead of waiting and spreading infection, our approach brings the testing laboratory to the workplace, where testing can be provided on-demand, regardless of symptoms.

Our mobile testing solution integrates sample analysis, tracking, and reporting, to deliver fast and accurate results before employees enter the worksite.

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Your Worksite (or Campus) & COVID-19: An Innovative Mobile Testing Solution


Mobile Lab Advantages

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Our mobile testing laboratories provide results within 3-4 hours


Ability to reconfigure the lab for other emerging threats like Norovirus, or addition of antibody testing


Bring testing and reporting capabilities to the workplace

Better Data

System provides a holistic view of employee population infection metrics; integration of sample analysis, tracking, and reporting
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Supply Chain

Avoid the traditional healthcare supply chain
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Employees can be tested and screened multiple times

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About the Mobile Laboratory 

The mobile laboratory is fabricated inside a 40 foot truck, or inside a terminal put at the entrance of the workplace.

Laboratory equipment can be scaled in units of 2,000 tests per day with turnaround time of under 4 hours.

We know such mobile lab approaches works well and solve significant monitoring and testing problems, because we have implemented similar mobile capabilities during the 9/11 crisis in New York as well as for governmental agencies such as the US Department of Energy.  RJ Lee Group has Mobile Laboratories for air sampling pollutants at industrial worksites. RJ Lee Group has the expertise to perform testing quickly, with Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) to manage such information and effective Big Data management systems to manage the volumes of data produced.


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