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Fly Ash Hazards, Misconceptions & Analytical Data: How a Top-Down Scientific Approach Cleared Class C, Class F and Reclaimed Fly Ashes From GHS/HazCom Hazard Classification

In 2016, RJ Lee Group’s Product Stewardship team was tasked with assessing the potential hazards associated with Class C Fly Ash products. As a part of this work, our team was also contracted to prepare Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Hazard Labels in compliance with GHS/HazCom 2012 regulations. Knowing the many stated risks associated with Fly Ash materials, we expected these Class C products to demonstrate hazardous characteristics and thus, require hazard labeling, protective measures and controls. After processing the As-Presented materials through our GHS-XRC(M) toxicological protocols, however, we found that the materials passed our stringent occupational and environmental risk factors and could indeed, be classified as non-hazardous. Toxicologically, we used a top-down approach in determining the As-Presented hazards of these products, examining the materials for Respirable Crystalline Silica, Hazardous Metals Leachability for both the natural environment and occupationally and finally, for extreme pH properties. Having cleared all of these hurdles, the Safety Data Sheets identified these materials as non-hazardous and detailed the methods and techniques used to reach this finding.

Since our First-Class C Fly Ash study in 2016, we’ve conducted similar studies of Class F and Reclaimed Fly Ash products. In every case, these materials have cleared our rigorous toxicological testing standards and passed GHS/HazCom 2012 threshold criteria for classification.  As a result, they too have demonstrated that as a product, they are non-hazardous.  This Webinar will walk participants through the processes that were used and provide attendees with insight into how they too, might remove hazard warnings and labels from their Fly Ash products.

Tuesday, June 30th

2:00 pm est - 2:45 pm est

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About Our Presenter

Don Ewert is a consulting specialist in the complex science of Product Stewardship and oversees GHS/HazCom/WHIMS support services for RJ Lee Group. He has practiced in the field of Industrial Hygiene and Safety for more than 30 years and possesses both an educational background and career expertise in Toxicology, Epidemiology and Medical Management.

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